jeff t. johnson

Jeff T. Johnson’s poetry is forthcoming or has recently appeared in 1913 a journal of forms, dandelion magazine, Slope and Whiskey & Fox. With Claire Donato, he collaborates on SPECIAL AMERICA. He lives in Brooklyn, is Editor in Chief at LIT, and edits Dewclaw. For more information, visit

william burke

William Burke is from Portland, Maine. His chapbook “The World Is Full Of Peasants.” is out by Slash Pine Press.

thomas patrick levy

Thomas Patrick Levy is author of I Don’t Mind if You’re Feeling Alone (YesYes Books, 2012). His work can be found in various places around the real world and the internet. Google “thomas patrick levy” for more information.

ryan collins

Poems by Ryan Collins can be found in Leveler, H_NGM_N, The Hover Project, Spork, DIAGRAM,Handsome & the Hell Yes Press cassette anthology 21 Love Poems. He lives in the Illinois Quad Cities.

robert houghton

In his past life Robert was a mutt. They found him under an overpass. They took him home and even loved him. He had no hope. But he eventually became open to all sorts of commands. His sun is brightest in the problem times. His moon is too. He dug under cover of darkness until he grew … More robert houghton