geneva chao


Genève/Geneva Chao is the author of one of us is wave one of us is shore, a discours amoureux in French and English (Otis Books | Seismicity Editions), and Hillary Is Dreaming, an imagined dream journal of Hillary Rodham Clinton during the 2016 primary season (Make Now Books). Chao’s poetry has also been anthologized in (Some From)DIAGRAM: A Print Anthology(Del Sol Press, 2003) and The L.A. Telephone Book, vol. 2 (2014). Chao is the translator of Gérard Cartier’s Tristran and, with François Luong, of Nicolas Tardy’s Encrusted on the Living (both [lx] press); of Christophe Tarkos for the collection Ma Langue Est Poétique (Roof Books, 2001), and of Yves Di Manno for A Review of Two Worlds: French and American Poetry in Translation (Otis, 2005). Chao’s essay “The Sky of Guts: Occupation, Translation, Transubstantiation,” on the poetry of Kim Hyesoon, was featured at the Asian American Writers Workshop, and other poems from Hillary Is Dreaming have appeared in Boston Review.  Other work can be found in Dusie, Mission at Tenth, Marsh Hawk, Boxkite, Boston Review, n/a literary journal, New American Writing, (Satellite) Telephone, DIAGRAM, Can We Have Our Ball Back?, Boog City, etc.