noelle kocot

for all my friends recourse bodiless breakfast in bed1

Noelle Kocot is the author of six books of poems, most recently, Soul in Space (Wave Books, 2013). She translated some of the poems of Tristan Corbiere which appear in a book called Poet by Default (Wave, 2011), and wrote a discography of music, Damon’s Room (Wave, 2010).  Her work has been widely anthologized, including in Postmodern American Poems: A Norton Anthology and three of the Best American Poetry series. She has received numerous awards for her work from The American Poetry Review, The National Endowment for the Arts, The Lannan Literary Foundation (a fellowship), The Academy of American Poets and The Fund for Poetry.  She was born and raised in Brooklyn and now lives in New Jersey and teaches writing in New York.